Saturday, October 28

Flopping And Running With The Bulls

Toronto fell to the Chicago Bulls last night, 108-97 , to end their pre-season with a 7-1 record . It was a exciting match witnessed by a sizeable Friday crowd . Bem Gordon was sensational scoring 38 points in what the announcers called giant killer drives . For the Raptors , Mo Pete ( 20 pts. ) played well and so did Anthony Parker ( 13 pts. ) . ' Parker is a shooter ' said Red Kerr of the Raptor F/G who seemed to have found his touch the last 2 games of the pre-season. The Bulls TV announcers were less than enamored with the Raptors defense . ' They flop a lot . They have many Europeans and that may be the reason ' they pointed out .
The Bulls seem to have the Raptors number .It was the team's nth loss since 2 seasons ago . 'That is expected to change this season . ' Toronto has got good young players ' Red Kerr said. ' Their style of play requires a lot of stamina ' he added . Yes .Toronto is not afraid of the Bulls anymore . They are ready and have the stamina to match Chicago. The Raps have the manpower to beat the Bulls . After all , they got Garbajosa and Calderon now . They are used to Running with the Bulls in Pamplona , Spain !

Running Bulls : This is bullshit !


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