Tuesday, October 31

TJ Ford Is The 1st Big Mistake Of Bryan Colangelo ?

No matter how impeccable Raptor GM Bryan Colangelo's record at the Suns' orgaization , I am sure he made a couple of boo boos as the GM there . All GMs do . Just don't make them ' huge ' mistakes that's impossible to recover from . Ask former Raptor GM Rob Babcock. A lot of Raptors fans found the TJ Ford - Charlie V trade questionable at the start . Even now . The jury is still out on TJ . Or should I say , the injury is still keeping TJ out . TJ missed majority of the pre-season games due to hamstring injury . That's one knock about TJ . He's injury prone . Raptors fans think it is a big gamble getting him and letting go of a sure double - double guy in Charlie V. ' One needs a quality guy to get a quality guy in return ' said Colangelo of the trade .
' The team needs a pass first point guard ' said one TJ follower . Is he really ? Peter Vecsey said in NBA TV ' TJ's teammates at Milwaukee thought he takes too many shots '. One thing though is sure , the man is fast . Super fast and he sure can play uptempo basketball . ' TJ wanted to play one way while Stotts ( the Bucks coach ) wanted to slow down the game ' said Vecsey of perhaps one reason he was traded. So far , in the few games TJ was in the court, he has shown good judgement . He's exciting and would surely put the Toronto crowd in delirious state . That's if Ford is in the court .
Not in the garage undergoing repair !

Down again .
Get a Toyota next time !


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Blogger john said...

tj is right for the raptors .

11:36 PM  

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