Monday, November 6

Duncan Shows Bosh Who's Boss .

Tim Duncan ( 26 pts., 6 reb. ) scored at will over Chris Bosh and Co. leading San Antonio to a 103-94 victory over Toronto . The man known as ' The Big Fundamental ' was again doing his patented spin moves over the hapless Raptors' big men. ' Once Tim gets the ball at the low posts , you don't have to look at the basket , the ball goes in ' said Mo Pete . And the scoreboard too .
Bosh ( 19 pts,. 17 reb. ) tried hard to keep the Raptors in the game but Duncan was just too much. He really have the pivot moves on automatic .Tony Parker won the battle of the Parkers outscoring Anthony ( 19 to 11 pts.)
After falling behind , 7-0 at the start of the game , the Raptors began to find their marks behind Bosh , Mo Pete and rookies Bargnani and Garbajosa . Bargs , the no.1 pick this year , scored 8 points in 12 minutes of play in his best game so far . But back to the battle of the big men who have so much in common . Bosh and Duncan are both the anchors of their respective teams . They both have inside and outside game . Why not ? Bosh looked up to Duncan growing up . Bosh must have look up to the Spurs center too much, he even have Duncan's foot problem -plantar fasciitis .

: Chris , are you jellin' ?


Blogger Foto Man said...

tim is really mr fundamental

7:57 PM  
Blogger el greco said...

The Raps need to play Tim tough . They let him get away without challenging Duncan . Give the guy some hard fouls .

8:45 PM  

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