Wednesday, November 8

Watching Former Raptors And A Humburger .

I like to see how former Raptors are doing in their new teams . Of course , Vince is on top of my list but there are others who's performaces I keep track of . Sat.TV allows me to watch a lot of their games not shown in local TV . This year , I added Charlie V., Mike James and Hoffa to the list . Mike James played really well Monday night in their game vs. the Kings. He scored a lot of points as usual but unfortunately the 'Wolves lost . ' We committed a lot of bonehead mistakes . All of us ' said James . Sounds familiar eh !
Last night , I caught the exciting Cavs-Hawks games . Talked about bonehead mistakes , the Cavs definitely have tons of these last night. Lebron James and Co. allowed Atlanta to tie the game and gave the game away in O.T. without a fight . Familiar again . The Raptors lost all but one O.T. game last season . However , it's Donyell Marhall's game I'm interested ( aside from you know who ) . I noted that Marshall was taking less 3 pt. shots. ' I want to go back to having an inside and outside game like when I was in Utah ' said Marshall. I guess , he considered his T.O. stint forgettable .
Then , there was the Utah- Detroit game . Wow , that was a humdinger of a ballgame . Did I write humdinger ? Wonder why ? Now I know . Hoffa was in a crisp Utah Jazz uniform . Unwrinkled . Like a trainee in a new McDonald's uniform . Humdinger and humburger are kinda alike . Hoffa was one fat humdinger of a humbuger sitting on the Utah bench !

Hoffa : Me ? Hamburger ?
I can't even spell that word ! lol .


Blogger john said...

We should have not James go .

1:35 PM  
Blogger el greco said...

Hoffa laughing his way to the bank.

9:58 PM  
Blogger Alienated Wannabe said...

Hoffa is actually in great shape these days, and he has shown a great work ethic. Coach Sloan, who is more likely to criticize than to praise, has said as much.

Look for Utah to use him more effectively than Toronto--that is if he ever does get much playing time. So far this year Utah has had a very deep bench. There just hasn't been the need to go to the big Brazilian.

12:07 PM  

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