Saturday, November 18

Raps Bow To Lakers

Kobe Bryant failed to match the 81 points he scored last season against Toronto but the Lakers slay the Raptors anyway , 107 -100 . Last night's game was anticipated by fans of both teams as it's the 1st meeting since Mt. Kobe exploded . Actually , Kobe was ' tame ' the past games after a succesful knee surgery that sidelined him the first 2 games of the season. Some fans even think that Kobe isl not the same ' old ' Kobe upon his return from surgery . Ngennnk , Wrong . No. 24 is still explosive with his near triple double ( 31 pts., 11 reb., 7 ass. ) .Nevetheless , his coach was not totally pleased . ' Kobe was trying to do too much so I sat him to put him back later on ' said Phil Jackson .
Toronto played LA close all the way . With Mo Pete ( 20 pts. ) combining with Chris Bosh ( 20 pts., 10 reb. ) , the Raps matched the Lakers giving way only in the last 2 minutes of the game . Mo Pete was slashing his way again if not jacking up his fav 3 pt. shots in the corners. One time , the now 6th man of the Raps doved into the stands trying to saved the ball . Yes , to save the ball from going out, Mo is willing to risk injury to save a damn ball from going out . Too bad , Mo Pete can't save Sam from going out of his job too !

Mo :
Save Sam ? Ummm . Let's see .
Sam wants to bench Mo . ..
So no mo' bench job for Sam !


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