Saturday, November 25

Raps Lose RaceTo The Hawks. .

Toronto's ' winning streak ' ended at 1 when the Hawks beat the Raptors last night , 93 - 97 , in an exciting game featuring some athletic talents of both teams. Josh Smith , the extra long Atlanta forward , played well again just like in the 1st meeting of the 2 but it was small Tyron Lue who beat the Raps with a timely basket in the end . Chris Bosh ( 11 pts., 7 reb. ) was rendered ineffective as he was shackled by Pachulia and JS' s tight defense .' They made it tough for me to score ' . CB4 must prepare for more of the same treatment from opposing teams . The Bosh man is now a marked man !
TJ Ford ( 25 pts., 12 reb. ) kept the Raps in the game almost singlehandedly by scoring 18 points in the 4th quarter before fouling out with just a few seconds left in the game . ' I tried to dig deep and bring my game to the next level ' said the spitfirish Ford . Boy , was TJ fast last night . But many Toronto fans considered his ' speed ' as excessive causing him to commit unnecessary errors . I'd say , rev it more TJ . In fact , former NBAer Steve Smith of Hawks TV , suggested ' I wish to see TJ Ford on a footrace with with other speedters in the NBA ' . I hope that does not include their very own Speedy Claxton . You see , TJ was so speedy last night , that Speedy Claxton was injured again probably for trying too hard to catch up with TJ !. Speedy Claxton did not see action in the 2nd half but was on the bench with heavilly bandaged knee. I suggest , Speedy Claxton change his name to Speedy Recovery Claxton !

Claxton : How 'bout Half Speedy Claxton
as I only play in the 1st half of the game !


Blogger john said...

Atlanta is a good team now . Nothing to be bow your heads . The Hawks should even make the playoff if they keep it up !

12:28 PM  
Blogger el greco said...

TJ will beat all of 'em including AI .

6:32 PM  

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