Wednesday, November 22

Mo Pete's New Team ?

Morris Peterson was a picture of a wretched man again last Monday night when he was pulled out by coach Sam Mitchell in the 4th quarter of the game vs. the Nuggets . Why not ? Both TJ Ford and Fred Jones' shots missed the all important triple that could have sent the game into O.T. Mo Pete used to be ' the man ' to shoot 3 pointers for the Raps. What happened ? Only Sam knows . Maybe the management also. It seems that the emphasis to use the new guys , Jones and Anthony Parker in particular , is at the expense of the longest serving Raptor ! Are Sam and Brian C. trying to ' devalue ' Mo Pete for his coming contract nego at the end of this season ?
In any case , Mo Pete can look at several teams in need of his service . He is a good defender and is a slasher . I've said his ability to connect from long range is excellent . Don't forget that he is the current top ' Ironman Of The NBA ' with 370 straight games under his belt ! ESPN reported that Mo Pete is one of those likely to bolt his current team and ' should have no problem hitching into a new team with his current 4.5 million salary ' . What teams then ? Here are just three ( 3 ) that I think will fit Mo Pete's playing style and strenghts :

1. ? Nets . How about a reunion with his good friend , Vince Carter ?. The Nets are lacking a reliable ouside shooter despite Nachbar's progress . Minor adjustments are needed for the team and MP . The Nets and Raptors run practically the same play where VC penetrates and throw the ball in the corner (s) if force to .
2. New Orleans Hornets . Byron Scott likes Mo Pete . The Hornets offered him a contract before which the Raps matched . They now have Stojakovic but an addition of a shooter who can depend won't hurt . Mo Pete should thrive there with Chris Paul as the point guard . Look at Stojakovic now !
3. Phoenix Suns . Who will not like the Sun's offense with Steve Nash orchestrating it . Tommy Heinhson of the Celtics TV said Mo Pete is the ideal guy for ' run and gun ' basketball that the Raps are trying to implement this season. .

Now , if only Mo Pete will kick out his Agent and hire me ....

VC :
Mo, you can't change my shot so
better change your uniform instead !


Blogger Nuts & Bolts said...

MP is welcome in the Nets team !

6:26 PM  
Blogger Nelson said...

Wow, you got me going there. Good blog. I don't want to see Mo-Pete go. He is definately being under utilized. In my perspective he has a lot to contribute. Even though I hate the fact that he looks goofy and is terrbile at getting to the basket.

I am going to link this blog in my saturday post for

6:38 PM  
Blogger Lee Ann said...

Happy Thanksgiving sweetie!
Have fun and be safe!

7:59 PM  
Blogger john said...

I read ESPN'S pc. too but I don't think the Raps will let go of Mo Pete . Mo Pete shd not worry abt his playing time . Sam is going to leave anyway.

8:23 PM  

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