Thursday, November 23

Raps , Starring Graham , Whip Cavs

It was overdue . The Raptors finally broke their 6 game losing streak beating King James & Co. , 97 - 87 , at Air Canada Center last night before a sellout crowd of 19,800 . It was somewhat reminiscent of their Jazz game except the suddenly recalcitrant Raptors managed to wrest the lead back from the Cavs to coast to their 3rd victory . Chris Bosh ( 25 points , 14 rebs. ) was happy and said ' We are glad to get the monkey off our back ' . It's more like a gorilla off the back of coach Sam Mitchell with cries for his head getting louder day by day !
The victory was made possible by the exvellent performance of seldom used forward, Joey Graham . ' That's what we got him in the first place last year ' said coach Mitchell of the 2nd year player .Graham was rebounding and fighting for the ball like crazy . Graham played like he has an ax to grind agaist the Cavs , even sending King James sprawling to the floor in one play . Joey who's identical twin , Stephen , was cut by Cleveland this season , scored 16 points and hauled down 8 rebounds in 27 minutes of play . Too bad , the Grahams are not an NBA playing quintet . The Raps can count on more sure victories then !

Graham : I don't need more brothers .
I just need more teams to cut Stephen !


Blogger el greco said...

Good win by the Raps .

9:33 PM  
Blogger Nuts & Bolts said...

Joey was good that night . I wonder why de does'nt play well every game .

4:33 PM  

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