Thursday, November 30

Raptors Fail To Outshoot Mavs

The Raptors fell back to earth with a crushing defeat at the hands of hot shooting Dallas Mavericks last night , 117 - 98 . Despite losing sharpshooter forward Dirk Nowitzki due to a blurring of vision early in the game , Dallas never lose it's accuracy . (53 % FG ) . Mostly because the defense of the Raptors was non existent . In many instances , Harris, Howard and Stackhouse were left unguarded . Well , there is one similarity between a young Nowitzki and T.O. rookie Andrea Bargnani . They have no ' D ' , one Dallas paper reported . Finally , the comparison between the 2 is accurate to a ' d ' , I mean to a ' t ' !
The 3 Texas guys in the Raptors camp have varying fortunes . Chris Bosh , a high school Dallas phenom , struggled in his shooting but managed a double double ( 18 pts.,11 rebs ) while TJ Ford , a former Texas Longhorn , had 18 points as well but only 6 assists . As to another Texas alum , TJ Tucker , he registered a mere 2 points in just 4 mins of play . It's too bad because when one plays at home , you invite many friends and kins to watch you . TJ Tucker is simply the forgotten man in the Raptors line up . No worry Tucker , it's a forgettable game anyway ! Next time Tucker, tell your kins and friends not to go to the bathroom or even blink or else they might miss your ESP moment ! Yup, ESP not ESPN moment . What do you expect in 4 minutes but a ghostlike appearance !
Demi : Don't worry Tucker ,
if your b'ball does'nt work out ,
there's always pottery !


Blogger el greco said...

The Raps were overmatched last night. They just got too many shooters .

11:57 AM  
Blogger Nuts & Bolts said...

It's 11th st. wins for the Mavs . They're hot .

5:00 PM  
Blogger Angel said...

You are a funny man .

8:37 PM  

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