Saturday, December 9

Raps Lose By 3 To Bulls And 3 Losers!

It was another close finish last night . This time at the hands of the Chicago Bulls , 90 - 93 . Toronto played a deliberate game abandoning the run and gun style and it almost work as they limit their opponents to below 100 points . It's the 1st time that the Bulls failed to reach the century mark in their 6 game winning streak. If not for the excellent play from Bulls Luol Deng ( 25 pts.,4 reb. ) and the soft defense from an obviously ailing Chris Bosh (13 pts., 12 reb.) plus the cold hands of former local high school star , Anthony Parker ( 7 pts., 4 reb.) , the outcome will have gone T.O.'s way . ' Parker was a Napperville player . His sister , Candace, is a star at University of Tennesse . His father played ball too . You played with him , right ' his colleague ask Red Kerr, the old time NBAer and now the Bulls' TV man . ' Yes , I played with Parker ... Nope . It's the wrong Parker ' said Kerr . Right , old man . You played with Dr. Naismith !
As usual , I watched the game via the opponents' TV feed . Early in the game, the Bulls TV team composed of Kerr , former Bull Stacy King and Tom Doer wasted no time disparaging the Raptors . ' They ( Raptors ) shoot the 3's as if they are good shooters ' said the 3 know it all . When Jorge Garbajosa ( 17 pts., 7 reb. ) began to find the range . ' He's gonna make a few of them .' one of them said . Until Garbo made another 3 point shot in the the 4th quarter closing the gap to 2 , they said ' So he can make those shots. He does'nt look like a basketball player ' . And you 3 don't look like the 3 Stooges !

Moe :
We can bullshit better than those 3 Bulls shitters!


Blogger el greco said...

lol. what is a baller supposed to look like ?

7:58 PM  
Blogger john said...

That's a funny statement if not so dumb . Maybe the Euros start sporting tatoos to look like basketball players. .

10:25 PM  
Blogger Nuts & Bolts said...

I find the ' as if ' statement odd if the Bulls announcers said it . As if they know what they are talking about !.

3:58 PM  

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