Sunday, December 3

Raps Erase Knicks ( But Not Their Tatoos ! )

The surging Raptors made it 2 in a row beating the NY Knicks last night , 103 - 100. In a game featuring superlative plays from big men from both teams , the ' good boys ' prevailed . Chris Bosh ( 26 pts.,13 reb. ) scored in the early part of the game and TJ Ford ( 20 pts.,13 ass. ) finished the job . ' Chris Bosh is too quick for any Knick forward or center to guard . Or for anyone in the NBA for that matter ' said Al Michaels of MSG TV last night . NY man mountain , Eddy Curry ( 27 pts.,12 reb.) kept the Knicks fighting until the end but Bosh and TJ are just too fast for the Knicks . That's because the 2 and majority of the Raps don't sport tatoos which are obviously present in large letters and images in just about every Knick player . Those gigantic and numerous tatoos are real heavy to carry slowing down the Knicks !
It's really interesting watching the game from the other team's TV feed. You get the ' views ' from a different perspective rather than suffer from The Chuck's ' sickening homie ' attitude . For example , MSG's Kenny Smith and Walt ' Clyde ' Frazier referred to Jorge Garbajosa as a cross between Vlade Divac and Charles Oakley . When Garbo hauled the last rebound that sealed the ballgame for the Raps , Kenny said ' There's that Oakley in Garbajosa ' . Andrea Barganani , they think is like Bosh , ' only a weaker version '. I'd say to Clyde , their current Knicks team is a cross between a circus act and billboard advertising and that it is a loser's version of his '72 NBA championship team !

Clyde : 'Lil man Robinson is a smaller version
of 'Nique Wilkins -Human Highlight F..ucker !


Blogger Foto Man said...

You're the blogging world version of Vecsey , right ?

2:33 PM  
Blogger Nuts & Bolts said...

Interesting views . I should try watching the other team's TELECAST .

2:52 PM  
Blogger john said...

The Knicks are awful . Living here in NY as a Canadian , I'm glad the Raps won !

9:27 AM  

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