Thursday, December 7

Raps Bow To Cavs

I expected the Cavs to come out with a vengeance last night and to crush 1st time tormentors , the Raptors . Instead , the Raptors fought very hard before bowing , 95 - 91 . ' This is not last year's Toronto Raptors ' said the Cavs TV announcing team. The Raps were playing excellent ball until the last few minutes of the game . Anthony Parker ( 18 pts., 5 reb. ) and Chris Bosh ( 18 pts., 12 reb. ) battled King James ( 26 pts., 10 reb., 6 ass. ) basket after basket and even played good ( zone ) defense that the Cavs have difficulty solving .Every Rap played tough ' D ' bent on not giving easy layups . In fact , in one play , Joey Graham fouled a driving Alex Pavlovic so hard that the 2nd year Raptor fell hard on the floor . One can hear the ' thud ' real loud . The Cav TV team said ' I bet even his twin brother ( and former Cav and now with Portland ) Stephen felt that ' . Ouch !
The revelation of the game was rookie Daniel Gibson ( 18 pts., 5 reb. ) . Last time the 2 teams met , the guy can't buy a basket especially from the outside . He was erratic and trigger happy then . This time , Gibson is more in control not like fellow Texas Longhorn , TJ Ford who sometimes play like he is drunk. TJ was happy for Gibson and said ' I'm glad the Cavs gave him the opportunity to play . Not too many 2nd round pick gets this chance ' . Not only that , I don't know how Gibson was able to turn his game around to be name a member of the Cavs' starting 5 . Gibson must have gotten it from watching Mel Gibson's about face . Gibson got the revelation from the other Gibson who masterfully directed the film ' Apocalypto ' . D. Gibson got his apocalypto from a sober M. Gibson !

: Gibson don't drink and drive ... to the basket ! OK ?


Blogger Foto Man said...

TJ is not a drunk , he's also a kamikaze .

1:44 PM  
Blogger el greco said...

Parker played well to no avail.

11:00 PM  

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