Tuesday, December 12

Raps Drop Another One As They Watch Wade Put On A Show .

The game last night between Toronto and Miami was better than last Sunday's sucky game. However , the Raps lost , 99 - 77, for their 2nd loss in a back to back without the BoshMan . The Flash was there . Well , Anthony Parker ( 18 pts. ) thought the Flash was there . Dwyane Wade ( 37 pts.,5 ass.) was like a blur as he ran circles around Parker and other defenders . I watched the faces of the Raptors sitting on the bench as Wade spun his way to making a basket several times.They looked at each other unbelieving . ' Whatever medication he was on , give me some ' said Heat teammate Alonzo Mourning . The Sports Illustrated's Sportsman Of The Year was under treatment for an infected wisdom tooth . The Raptors are suffering too. They lost their basketball wisdom the past games !

Toronto continued to struggle from the free throw line ( 60%) and was again burdened by the lacklustre performances of its players most notably the usually reliable Jose Calderon ( 0 pts., 1 ass.) and their big man , Nestorevic ( 6 pts.,6 reb. ) .That accounts for the low free throw output in this game . No inside plays , no free throws . ' Five free throws in a game is tough ' said coach Sam Mitchell. At least the Raptors got something free.-They got to see the Dwyne Wade Show for free ... and from ringside seats too !

Coach Sam :
Maybe I can work as a barker
in the DWade Show eh


Blogger john said...

What's happening to the team with so much promise before the season started .

3:12 PM  
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Blogger Foto Man said...

So is Sam practicing to be a barker or crying ?

4:03 PM  
Blogger Nuts & Bolts said...

Fire Sam !

11:58 AM  

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