Sunday, December 10

Raps 83 Blazers 93 , In One Ballgame That Sucks !

It's like watching one of the lousy Raptors' games the year before . The only difference was that the cast of characters wearing the T.O.'s uniforms were new. Ironically, one of the few holdovers from that pathetic team , Morris Peterson , was the lone bright spot, scoring 23 points and grabbing 5 rebounds . J. Jack and Martell Webster scored 22 each for the Trailblazers. Chris Bosh was sidelined due to a knee injury and Zach Randolph was suspended for 1 game for an obscene gesture to a fan who yelled ' You suck ' at him in last Friday's game.

The meeting between the 2 teams was anticipated by the Raptors fans due to the following reasons :

1. The Marcus Alridge vs. Andrea Bargnani match up . They combined for a mere 11 pts.! The rooks suck !
2. The return of Toronto native and soon to be free agent Jamal Magliore. Jamal had 6 points and 4 turnovers. He sucks !
3. Meeting of Spanish players, Garbajosa and Calderon of the Raps and Sergio Rodriguez from the Blazers . They c, ombined for a mere 12 pts. with Rodriguez registering a fat zero . The Castillian ballers suck , Mucho !

To think that this game was televised in 9 international countries including Spain ! Not good for the NBA. The overseas fans will think that the NBA sucks . What else sucks ? Ha , yes . Call for coach Mitchell's head is alive again. Raptors forums are inundated with postings of how Sam sucks .....or Sack Sam !

Zach Randolph : Zach , the fan yelled ' You Zack not you suck ' fool !


Blogger Angel said...

LOL.Everything sucks then .

6:19 PM  
Blogger Ty said...

I can't watch a game like that. Oh wait , the Heat are murdering the Raptors .

9:01 PM  
Blogger el greco said...

Portland is another shitty ball club. Any team w/ Zach Randolph sucks !

9:40 AM  

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