Saturday, December 16

Raps Tear Nets

The amazing and Bosh-less Toronto Raptors made it 2 in a row winning their game against Atlantic division rival , the New Jersey Nets , 90 - 78. It was a gutsy win fashioned before a capacity crowd chanting ' Carter Sucks ' towards the end of the game . Rasho Nesterovic ( 12 pts., 3 blocks ) once again anchored the defense while Joey Graham ( 17 pts., 9 reb.) and TJ Ford ( 19 pts., 8 reb. 9 ass.) provided the much needed scoring . TJ Ford overshadowed Jason Kidd who had triple doubles in 3 of 4 games prior to this one. Instead , TJ was the one who almost had a triple double . ' We know how to win without Bosh ' said TJ . I thought TJ said , the Raptors know how to win without a boss . I'm sure Sam will not like that .
The Nets looked hapless with Vince Carter scoring just 12 points in 4 out of 18 shooting . Nets GM, Rod Thorn, who was in attendance at ACC was shown several times on TV shaking his head . ' I know that were not playing well right now . I just don't know why ' Thorn said before the game . It must be recalled that Thorn said he's going see what needs to be done with the team after 20 games . Uh oh . That means trouble for coach Lawrence Frank . Thorn looks torn whether to replace Frank or not . And that's frankly speaking !

Coach Frank : Vince , can you ask the Raptors
if they are in need of a coach to replace Sam !


Blogger Foto Man said...

Good game by the Raptors . I wished the game was shown here in Chicago . I only watched it on NBA TV .

4:23 PM  
Blogger Nuts & Bolts said...

Vince has off nights 2 games in a row .That's all . Nothing serious.

12:54 PM  

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