Saturday, December 23

Raptors Survive Another Cliffhanger .

TJ Ford did it again . No , the versatile point guard of the Toronto Raptors did not make the winning basket like he did last Wednesday. TJ drove to the basket to set up rookie Andrea Bargnani beautifully for a 20 footer to beat the Portland Trailblazers , 101 - 100. Ford ( 23 pts.,11 ass.) scored 9 points in OT after the last second follow up by Jorge Garbajosa ( 10 pts.,5 reb.) in the regulation was nullified . The win in turn nullified Portland rookie Brandon Roy's near triple double ( 16 pts.,10 reb., 8 ass.) . It's good that the zebras did not nullify TJ's game winning assist for driving too fast to the basket.

The Raptors played solid ball with 6 players in double figures .They are playing like a veteran group not expected from a team with 9 newcomers . ' Toronto is playing nowadays with plenty of confidence ' said one NBA observer . Even when the game was extended , they did not get rattled and in fact kind of welcomed it . ' It's just an extra 5 minutes for the fans ' said TJ . Oregon native Fred Jones (12 pts.,5 reb.) described their attitude in the O.T. as loosey gousy when a reporter asked him how the team felt playing a won game . Loosey goosey ? Hmmm . It will be recalled that the team , players and coaches , had a sumptous meal at Freddie's house in this trip. Maybe the meal made them loosey goosy . I guess , Freddie's Mom served them cooked goose !

Mother Goose : Kids , 'stay away from Freddie's house !


Blogger Nuts & Bolts said...

Nice game . Maybe I will make the Raptors No 1 again !

1:15 PM  
Blogger john said...

the knicks and the raps won last night . hooray for the underdogs !

2:47 PM  

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