Thursday, December 28

Ford Leads Raps To Victory

The Toronto Raptors led by TJ Ford surprised Kevin Garnett and the Minnesota Timberwolves to win , 100 - 97 and kept the lead in the Atlantic Division. Before a full house ACC , Toronto played like a well oiled machine shooting 52% from the floor. TJ Ford ( 28 pts., 7 ass.) tortured former Raptor, Mike James ( 20 pts., 5 ass. ) in a battle of Texas point guards . When TJ rested , Jose Calderon ( 13 pts., 4 ass.) took over without missing a beat while Anthony Parker ( 19 pts., 4 ass.) scored the much needed baskets. Calderon also scored 3 successive baskets in the 4th quarter . He was hyperactive even egging the crowd several times. Senor Jose was like a Mexican jumping bean . Not an illegal Mexican ' jumping the fence ' bean of course !
Kevin Garnett ( 24 pts.,9 reb.) made up for a so so 1st half by taking it close to the basket in the final half .KG was a handful to rookie Andrea Bargnani who tried very hard to keep up with the All Star. But in the end , it's TJ show all night long . ' It's like TJ is running in circles . When you think he is trying to make a pass , he'll pull up for a jumper or a fade away ' said rookie Randy Foye .Ford was hyped up unlike in the Seattle game before the holiday. TJ was energized to face the men in blue . I'm sure the blue pill has nothing to do with this extra energy !

TJ : It's supposed to last for 4 hours,
so I'm going out to partee !


Blogger Foto Man said...

I did'nt know that TJ is on Viagra ? Go TJ !

9:25 AM  
Blogger Angel said...

what a win . the raptors must be congratulated .i wished i'm still in toronto.

10:21 PM  

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