Wednesday, December 27

The Return Of Mike James

Although the return of Mike James tonight at Air Canada Center is not expected to rile up the fans like T Mac's or VC's visits , it is sure to generate more than mild reactions either way . James was a polarizing personality in his 1 year as a Raptor . You either like Mike James or hate him , no in between . Some fans considered him as a ballhog , a trigger happy baller while others rated him as fearless. ' James was not afraid to take the big shots ' was how he was described by his fans . Besides , 'James is always a good interview ' said Norma Wick of Raptors TV .

Mike James : 2006-07 Statistics

Games Played : 24 games
30.2 mpg
12.8 ppg
1.80 rpg
4.3 apg
+11.71 eff.

Trigger happy Mike J.


Blogger el greco said...

I an MJ fan . I think the Raps should have kept him .

9:22 AM  

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