Tuesday, December 26

Bouncing Ball 1.0

1. Gilbert Arenas still don't get no respect . At least from Kobe . Whereas , Mr. Bryant was all praises for Dwayne Wade ( and vice versa ) causing ABC TV to call the 2 as members of the ' mutual admiration' club , Agent Zero's 60 points outburst against the Lakers was poo poohed by Kobe . First , the NBA draft , then Team USA's snub and now this . You can call Arenas as the Rodney Dangerfield of the NBA !

2. Talking of Kobe , in the Lakers vs. Nets game last Friday , he was shown on TV blowing his nose on a towel while he was on the bench. He was clearly suffering from some respiratory problem . ' Man , don't nobody use that towel ' said Nets TV's Mark Jackson . Away with that TV camera !

3. During last week's Magic-Cavaliers game , a leak in the roof caused a wet spot in the playing area. The officials opted to continue with the game . A boy wiped the wet spot while the players were on the other side . ' In the old days in the Boston Garden , they just placed a bucket and left it there on the court. The players just dribbled around the bucket ' said the Magic announcer laughing . Wonder if the late Red A. has anything to do with this ?


Blogger Nuts & Bolts said...

Kobe beats us with his assists . A great player always find a way to beat you aside from scoring .

5:12 PM  

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