Friday, December 29

Bouncing Ball 2.0

1. Did you see how Chris Paul was carried out by a teammate after spraining his ankle in the game against the Supersonics . Normally , an injured baller is helped by 2 teammates to walk to the locker room . Paul was carried like a baby or worse like a new bride by her husband about to enter their honeymoon suite !
2. Another blizzard is expected to hit Denver in a couple of days . If you recall , one just hit the city before Allan Iverson's arrival causing the NBA to postpone the Nuggets-Suns game scheduled that day . At the rate Denver is hit by blizzards lately , the Nuggets might as well be known as the Denver Blizzards !
3. The Raptors play by play Announcer was featured as the NBA Broadcaster Of The Week . That's after 5 years on the job. I'm not a fan of Chuck Swirsky's style of calling the Raptors games . It's 'too circusy' for me . LaftorTV captured The Chuck perfectly in its cartoon .


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