Saturday, December 30

Raps Hang By Bulls Again

Last night's game against the Bulls which the Raptors lost , 97-107 , started well . The shots were falling in the 1st quarter . Andrea Bargnani ( 16 pts., 5 reb.) hit his 1st three 3 pointers and Joey Graham ( 17 pts., 5 reb.) was having his way inside. For the Bulls , Luol Deng ( 25 pts., 7 reb.) was super hot . ' Luol cannot seem to miss ' said Sam Mitchell. Luol had an easy time against the Raptors' single coverage defense . Mitchell should have put a posse of guards to shut down the high scoring forward. I said posse not James Posey !
Then coach Scott Skiles' boys put the roadblock . Suddenly , TJ Ford cannot go past thru to do his layups. Kirk Heinrick ( 16 pts.,4 ass.) and Ben Gordon ( 22 pts., 6 ass.) were blocking TJ's way . Rookie Tyrus Thomas was on AB' s face and the big bad Bulls led by Ben Wallace ( 10 reb., 3 blk.) were lording the middle .The Raps were limited to just one attempt at the basket. You bet the Raps felt the Bulls tightening grip . ' I never have that much attention in my life ' said TJ of Chicago's suffocating defense . At least , the Raptors are still alive for today's game vs. Memphis. Unlike Saddam Husein. You see, the former Iraqi dictator was dead a few seconds after the hangman's noose tightened its grip on his neck !

Unidentified Man : I'm not Saddam .
I'm just 'wanna try if this fits my head !


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Happy New Year Coach!
Lee Ann

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