Thursday, January 4

Raptors Fail To Do The Mission Impossible.

It was Steve Nash Night in Canada and the 2 time MVP did not dissapoint .The Raptors as well . So the 5th largest crowd in ACC history went home satisfied . Ever the diplomat, Nash said after the win ' The Raptors played very well . They are a young team and they are an exciting team ' Chris Bosh returned from a month of inactivity due to injury and played his heart's out. His battle with an explosive Amare Stoudamaire was a sight to behold . They traded block shots, and baskets including dunks all night . In the end , the game belonged to the man called Captain Canada . Steve Nash ( 15 pts., 7 ass. ) waited until the 4th quarter to shine . And why not. After all , it's winter time !
The game could have gone either way really . In the last 2 seconds of the game , Derrick Martin threw a hallelujah shot which missed terribly . Sometime that night Gilbert Arenas made a game winning shot in the game vs. the Bucks and King James threw a 50 ft.+ that went in . I guess the quota is not more than 2 miracle baskets every NBA game day. I don't know about Sam's repeated use of Martin in the last quarter after the debacle last game. He should have known that the vet is only good for so much. Granted that Martin played well majority of the time he was in the court , he is bound to screw up at crucial point of the game . And Martin did . Martin botched a play , missed an attempt and made a bad pass. Just like the message in Mission Impossible , Martin has an expiry time and is sure to self destruct in x seconds !

: Derrick , I heard you're a good guard.
From hereon , I want y
ou to guard baby Suri .


Blogger el greco said...

What a game . Even with the loss , it's worth the price of the ticket and some .

10:37 AM  
Blogger Foto Man said...

I agree with you in Sam's continued use of Martin especially in the last qurter . Calderon could do a better job .

10:51 AM  

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