Sunday, January 7

Oden Watch

It was supposed to be an easy game for OSU and that was what exactly happened yesterday as the Buckeyes beat the Fighting Illini , 62 - 44. Greg Oden scored 7 points , grabbed 15 rebounds and had 5 block shots . Greg did not get many touches in the 1st half. In fact , he did not score at all in the initial half. His teammates were shooting the ball very well that they don't see the need to use the big man . Ohio State coach, Thad Matta , probably noticed this because come the start of the final half , Greg got the ball outright several times. The stadium was awashed in orange that being the color of the Fighting Illini but also because OSU was in orange jersey. Looks like Greg's injured wrist is coming close to being completely healed . The bandage in his right wrist is smaller than before.


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