Thursday, January 4

Bouncing Ball 5.0

1. Just the oher day , I wrote about the need for Lebron James to keep his image clean if he hopes to maintain his marketability and to reach his goal of being the 1st billionaire sports guy . Now , there are photos in the internet of him and his son around some topless women . It's different when sexy star Pam Anderson was photographed sunbathing topless with her son ( and Pistons' fan Kid Rock ) . Let's see . The reactions of fans not the topless girls !2. Former NBA great Walt Frazier got to be the most colorful game analyst . Clyde who does TV work with Mike Breen for the New York Knicks uses high fallutin' words by basketball standards . I bet Frazier sat near former teammate , ex Yale grad , ex Rhodes scholar and ex Senator Bill Bradley during all those airplane trips . I guess , Clyde is trying hard to add color to the bland Knicks' games !
3. Nice to see former Raptor Matt Bonner getting some court time for the San Antonio Spurs . Coach Popovich has the Red Rocket playing aggressive defense . In the latest game by the Spurs , Bonner was descibed as a ' sxrappy ' baller . I can't imagine Bonner and scrappy used in the same sentence !


Blogger Ty said...

Wrong move , Lebron .

4:56 PM  
Blogger dog hunter said...

What wrong with showing boobs to a kid? As long as he does'nt touch them.

5:58 PM  

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