Tuesday, January 9

Bouncing Ball 7.0

1. I don't like the darkened environment of the Staples Center. Whereas before you can see the audience reactions pretty clearly , the Lakers' crowd has become incognito except perhaps for some celebs sitting courtside. It's just like that in Madison Square Garden for years. I don't know if high definition TV can solve this.
2. He's back . I mean , his back is back . T Mac has been playing great lately helping the Yao less Rockets to snare much needed victories the latest of which was last night's win over the Bulls . Mc Grady has been attacking the basket again like it was the good 'ol days . ' TMac will be a great player in this league. I watched McGrady beats Vince in practice all the time .' said former Raptors coach Butch Carter of then then emerging superstar.
3. Talking about Butch Carter , why can't Raptors TV use the former Raptors coach in their TV panel. Carter will make an excellent analyst instead of the no name guys they have now. Ideally , a former Raptors player or a Canadian ex NBAer would be great . As it is , Raptors TV is besieged with criticisms on the ( lack of ) NBA credentials of its broadcast crew .


Blogger john said...

VC and TMac combo would have been something . Maybe they can reunite in Houston ?

9:31 AM  
Blogger el greco said...

Butch Carter ? No way , man . He's one crazy SOB .

10:30 AM  

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