Thursday, January 11

Oden Watch

No. 5 Ohio State loss to no.3 Wisconsin last Tuesday , 72 - 69 . It was the 2nd loss of the season for the young Buckeyes in less than a month . OSU lost to no.2 Florida 'Gators early December. ' It's alright for the Buckeyes to lose early this season against superior opponents ' said Michael Wilbon of Pardon The Interruption. I think what is really worrying for Buckeyes' fans is that Greg Oden's teammates still don't know how to maximize his presence on the court . Oden who scored 10 points , grabbed 7 rebounds and blocked 6 shots did not make his 1st basket until the 2nd half . Shades of the Buckeyes' game versus Indiana . Injured Michael Redd of the Milwaukee Bucks was among those who watched the game . Redd ( photo ) played college ball for Ohio State .


Blogger Nuts & Bolts said...

I syill go for the Gators with J Noah

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