Friday, January 12

Bouncing Ball 8.0

1. Soccer star David Beckham's $ 250 million contract he signed with the Los Angeles Galaxy is creating a lot of stir even among the highly paid NBA ballers . Last night , Chris Webber who reportedly got $ 38 million buyout from the 76ers , joked to Charles Barkley ' Hey, Chuck. We are in the wrong sport '. In the past , the $ 105 / 7 yr. million contract Juwan Howard signed with Washington (then known as Bullets) in 1996 surprised everyone in the NBA . Howard was the 2nd juwanhundred mil dollar man in the NBA !
2. Talking about ridiculous contract , when the Lakers offered a young Magic Johnson a then unheard of $ 25 mil/25 yr. contract in 1981 , vet Lakers' center Kareem Abdul Jabbar, cut short his Asian trip to get some clarification from Jerry Buss. So , it's not really surprising that the Lakers chose Kobe over Shaq.
3. J Kidd's impending divorce and Vince Carter's reported marital problems mean that 2 of the Big 3' marriages are going or gone pffft. Looks like , Nets GM Rod Thorn reported plan to break up the Big 3 is following the break up of their marriages !


Blogger john said...

The Howard contract was a surprise to many also because JH was not SUPERSTAR material.And the critics wre right .

11:59 AM  
Blogger Lee Ann said...

You said a couple of names that I recognize Coach...Charles and Magic!

Have a great weekend Coach!

10:42 AM  
Blogger el greco said...

I don't think Rod Thorn will break up the Big 3 . Carter is the one who will break it up by signing with the Magic.

1:20 PM  

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