Sunday, January 14

Raps Run Out Of Gas Against The Mavs

The Raptors lost a race to the finish line this afternoon versus the Mavericks , 96 - 97 . It was heartbeaker for Toronto as it led almost all throughout the game . The Raptors started with all guns blazing led by Anthony Parker's 10 points in Q1. At about the same time as his sister, Candance and her school , were beating University of Georgia , AP was going berseck against the Mavs. ' Somebody should tell Parker he is not in the Missouri Valley Conference anymore. He's in the NBA '. said the Mavs TV's man Mark Followill. Chris Bosh (24 pts.,15 reb.) and TJ Ford (16 pts.,8 ass.) continued outracing the Mavs up to the 3rd quarter leading the Raptors by as much as 16 points . Raptors fans hoped that NBA games are like hockey games . That they only have 3 periods to play !
Somehow , you got the feeling that Dallas will recover . That's what good teams do. Especially if you have a player like Dirk Nowitski ( 38 pts., 8 ass.). Dallas continued to chip away at TO 's lead to the point that Dallas was down by only 4 points when Coach Sam Mitchell put in Andrea Bargnani . AB quickly changed the momentum of the game with a dunk and a no look pass to Bosh . But the Mavs continued their onslaught after that until the last play . With 6 seconds left to play , Josh Howard found himself all alone under the basket . Howard made the game winner . Nicholas Cage took all 60 seconds to steal a car in ' Gone In 60 Seconds '. This game was gone in 6 seconds !
Nick : There's no way the Raps can win. Sam instructed his boys to shoot every 7 sec . The Mavs need less time than that - 6 sec !


Blogger el greco said...

We let the game slip away . That's the 3rd time in recent times that the Mavs escaped by the skin of their teeth .

6:55 PM  
Blogger Ty said...

One that got away . Do I hear ramblings about Sam's ouster again ?

7:24 PM  
Blogger john said...

Good. The Knicks is not too far behind now.

9:38 AM  

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