Tuesday, January 16

Raptors Nuke Sixers

Toronto answered the question whether they can bounce back after a devastating loss . They sure did it with an emphatic win over Philadelphia, 104 - 86 . The usual tandem of Chris Bosh (27 pts., 6 reb.) and TJ Ford (13 pts., 10 ass.) were very effective against the 76ers defense . What was an eye opener was forward Joey Graham's performance . He was a monster offensively (18 pts.) and on the boards (5 reb.) . Coach Sam Mitchell and thousands of Raps fans had long awaited this day. ' I Had A Dream' was in everyone's mind fstarting when Graham was a rookie. It's now a reality . ' I'm going to invite the boys to my place to celebrate Martin Luther King's birthday ' Graham said after the game . Celebrate yours too , Joey . For in this day , your game was reborn !
The early afternoon game was tight until the Raps pulled away towards the end of the 3rd quarter. The 76ers don't know what hit them in the Wachovia Center. ' We always played with a lot of energy. But these last few games , our energy level has been low ' said 76er Kyle Korver . Unlike Toronto's energy. It was unleashed like the mushroom cloud in last night's episode of the TV hit show '24' . I guess Jack Bauer can't prevent the TO bomb as well !

: I see that the Raps bounced back after '24' hours .
Just like the title of my show . It's very Canadian , eh !


Blogger dog hunter said...

Wow . Graham had a monster game .Finally.

5:55 PM  
Blogger el greco said...

24 was a bomb last night .i was glued to the tv !

6:44 PM  

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