Friday, January 19

Raps Succumb To The Jazz

The Raptors winning streak was stopped by the Jazz at 3 when they came up short tonight , 102 - 94 . Chris Bosh ( 29 pts.,11 reb.) came ready to play but his usual partner in crime , TJ Ford , was good only for 8 points . Jose Calderon ( 16 pts.,5 ass.) tried to make up for TJ' s low output but it his efforts were not enough despite playing the whole 4th quarter . Thus , not only that the Raptors lost a game tonight but the Atlantic Division lead as the Nets beat the Knicks in a later game . As usual , end game miscues cost the Raps the game . ' We know what they are going to do . They just do it well ' said coach Sam Mitchell of the Jazz play . OK . It's like saying that the Raptors don't know what they are going to do and your boys just do well what not to do !
The Jazz came to play despite Andrei Kirilenko scoring only 8 points in 33 minutes of play. However , Kirilenko made a key steal down the stretch . Carlos Boozer (23 pts.,19 reb.) and Mahmet Okur ( 27 pts., 3 reb.) were the usual deadly combo for the Jazz . It's a pity that AK, a maximum salary player, has now been reduced to a secondary role leading him to complain that coach Jerry Sloan seldom calls plays for him . In turn , the KGB , I mean the Jazz owner , Larry Miller , warned ' Kirilenko is on thin ice ' . Meaning , if Kirilenko does not shape up , he will end up like fellow Russian (and dead spy) , Litvinenko !

Miller :
Andrei , do you like scotch
with polonium on the rocks !


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