Sunday, January 21

Bouncing Balls 9.0

1. Alvin Is Back . Former longtime Raptor Alvin Williams showed up in a LA Clippers' uniform yesterday in an afternoon game between LA and Memphis . It was a surprised to many Raptors fans as 'Boggie' reportedly signed a 10 day contract just that day. Why see action so soon ? The Clippers are in dire need of a back up guard (due to Shaun Livingston's injury) and they're in a blow up game. Alvin registered 3 assists in 4 minutes of play . Not bad for someone who has not played in the NBA for sometime . He is a solid guard and a tall one ( at 6'5'') so he should be a big help to the team ' said the Clips TV guy . One noticed that Alvin's knees are now free of heavy bandages . Boogie was and still is one of the most beloved Raptors !
2. Vince In A Back To Back . VC was his old exciting self again in last night's 2nd of a back to back game of the Nets . It's been sometime now that the Top 10 Plays of NBA TV Daily featured VC's court exploits unlike the previous years when his amazing dunks were regular staple of the show. Last night , VC made 2 amazing shots under the baskets that elicited ohhs and ahhs from the crowd. I said before that the fortunes of the Nets depend on VC's performance more than Jason Kidd's . VC looks like he's having fun again . It's no surprise that his positive demeanor coincided with the Nets' 4th consecutive victory and the return of the Nets to the top of the Atlantic Division !
3. Top 3 NBA Draft Prospects In Back To Back To Back . OSU's Greg Oden , Texas' Kevin Durant and Florida's Joakim Noah , the top 3 prospects in 2007 NBA draft , all saw action in yesterday's NCAA games . Both Oden ( 29 pts., 10 reb.) and Noah (28 pts.,12 reb.) have monster games as they led their team to victories . Durant was less impressive as he was limited to 2 points in the 1st half and eventually finished with just 12 points in a losing game .


Blogger el greco said...

Good luck Alvin !

10:21 AM  
Blogger john said...

My pick for no.1 is Greg Oden.

12:08 PM  

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