Wednesday, January 24

Bryan Colangelo , TO's Basketball Messiah .

The way Bryan Colangelo is turning the basketball team's fortunes around is really a miracle. He is definitely worth every penny of the $ 3 million Maple Leafs And Entertainment is paying him . ' The Raptors team is relevant again . A lot of people in the city are talking of the team . ' said the voice of the Raptors , Chuck Swirsky . OK , maybe this statement is biased coming from a uber homer like Chuck . How about these : (1) Sports Illustrated was in town a few weeks ago to do a feature on the team . (2) ESPN is reportedly considering televising a Raptors game . (3) Local TV ratings of the Raptors games have started to move up (4) and attendance is now at top half of the NBA ! These are all music to the ears of executives at MLSE after many years of downward direction for just about everything related to the Raptors.
The team's tranformation came at a faster rate than even by Colangelo's set timetable . I don't think he envisioned the team to be in the hunt for a playoff berth in his 1st year as a GM . Wait , the team is actually fighting for it's 1st divisional pennant ! Now , fans are talking about where to hang the Atlantic Division banner among the many Maple Leafs hockey championship banners in the Air Canada Center . Colangelo is so revered in the Toronto's sports circles that even hockey commentators who used to disparage anything associated with the Raptors , are praising him and his actions .
' Why can't the Maple Leafs do what the Raptors did ' is often heard from these guys now . So . in future telling of the story of the basketball franchise , one will need to separate if the events are Before Colangelo ( BC ) or after his Departure (AD) . Hopefully , MLSE will tore up his present contract and sign Colangelo to a lifetime one ala Red Aurbach so AD will not come in a long long time !


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I agree . BC is heaven sent . Good write up !

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