Tuesday, January 23

Raps Win Big Over Bobcats

The Toronto Raptors limited the Charllote Bobcats to 8 points in the 3rd quarter leading to a 105 - 84 win . What started as a tight game turned into a rout when the Raptors' applied zone defense starting the 2nd half .Five Raptors scored in double figures led by Chris Bosh's 20 points and Jose Calderon's 19 points with 11 assists to boot . ' We knew what our mistakes were at the half ' said Calderon . Needless to say , the Raps corrected them . Calderon was very effective in the absence of an injured TJ Ford . Jose seemed more at ease last night . I guess , if you do not have to look over your shoulders every now and then , one will be loose too .Now , if he can only get rid of the ball stuck on his nose ( see photo) courtesy of Bobcats' Emeka Okafor ...
The Bobcats were coming from a back to back victories over the Atlanta Hawks , the last one being a blowout . ' You'd think this would not happen the way we played against the Hawks ' said veteran Derek Anderson . ' Toronto is a different team . It has more shooters ' . The Bobcats should have realized that before the game .Don't they know that TO is a different team now. No more ballstoppers like Jalen Rose and Mike James . The Raptors play a more free flowing style of basketball like European teams do according to one Charllote newspaper . More importantly , the Raptors are out or is it , in to win . Just like Hillary Clinton , they ' they are in , in to win ' .

: Bryan , now that there is no more ballstoppers
in your line up, do you want to take my Bill the ballshitter !


Blogger Ty said...

U Go Raps !
U Go Girl !

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