Sunday, January 28

Raps Bow To the Pacers

The Raptors were beaten at their own game last night by the Pacers as they went down . 104 - 82. The customary 2nd half surge did not happen this time for Toronto as Indiana poured it all instead in the 2nd half. As I pointed out in my pre game analysis, Toronto needs to neutralize Indy's big men . They were unsuccessful ( 45-36 rebound in favor of Indy ) . Chris Bosh (26 pts.,12 reb.) tried to keep TO's hopes alive but he appeared too tired as was the rest of the team .Maybe the Raps are tired being on top of the Atlantic Division . Remember guys , that can change quickly . J Kidd and Company's misfortunes could easilly be reverse. I'm talking about the Nets' record not J Kidd's divorce !
The Pacers outshot Toronto (49%-42%) led by the sensational Danny Granger who poured in 28 points on 69% shooting in the 2nd half.. He kinda' remind me of former Raptor , Tracy McGrady . A young T Mac . At least Granger's lean and long body as well as his outside shooting stance . Larry Bird is correct in protecting his young stud from the bad influence caused by associating with bad boy, Stephen Jackson . For now , it's alright to be alone , Danny . To be the Lone Granger !

The Lone Ranger
: Tonto , see if there are Indians in Indiana !


Blogger el greco said...

Last night , Armstrong was Granger's Tonto . The vet was a big help .

7:40 PM  
Blogger john said...

Too bad , the Knicks lost tonite. It's a chance to close the gap w/ yer Raptors.

9:31 PM  

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