Tuesday, January 30

Bouncing Ball 12.0

1. The Real Prince . Prince Charles visited Harlem the other day . He was shown shooting the basketball inside a gym full of kids . A regular in Carlson Tucker Show joked that Charles shoot like Queen Elizabeth ! I though he has a decent one handed shot . In his 1st try , Prince Charles missed badly when he shot the ball weakly with the ball failing even to touch the rim. In Prince Charles' 2nd try , he used the backboard and made the basket to the delight of the crowd . Anyway , what's with Charles and basketball ? In 2004, he was photographed holding a basketball during his visit to Saudi Arabia (photo)
2. AI To 'Melo . Since the return of Carmelo Anthony from his suspension , I noticed that 'Melo seldom returns the ball to fellow Nugget Allan Iverson after receiving a pass from him . It's like the blackhole of basketball . Is 'Melo (31.2 ppg) afraid to relinguish his role as the team's top scorer to AI (27.1 ppg). I think last night's loss against the lowly Charlotte Bobcats ( 101-105) was due to the team's failure to capitalize on AI's hot shooting (10 of 15 ).
3. Greg Oden Watch . Last weekend , OSU won over Michigan State , 66-64 . Greggy scored 19 points and grabbed 6 rebounds . He also had 3 blocks . Oden is becoming stronger in every game since that pathetic performance against the Florida 'Gators which the Buckeyes lost . I can't wait to see the rematch between these 2 topranked college teams .


Blogger el greco said...

There is another ballhog in the Nuggets' line up . J.R.Smith !

12:35 PM  
Blogger john said...

Maybe Prince Charles want to be an NBA star so that he can make gazzilion money like fellow Brit Beckham .

12:41 PM  

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