Thursday, February 1

Raptors Outshoot Wizards

The Toronto Raptors displayed terrific shooting accuracy last night in demolishing the Washington Wizards, 119 - 109 . The Raptors shot 59% from the floor and 67% in the 3rd quarter when the Raps built a 19 point lead . Amazing . Led by Chris Bosh's 34 points on 15 out of 19 shooting , the Wiz have no chance at all . Bosh missed his first 4 shots then made 15 straigth baskets. ' I never had 15 consecutive baskets . In fact , I never had 15 baskets ' joked sharpshooter Walt Williams , a former Wiz and Rap , who is now a member of the Wizards post game panel . Chris' shooting acumen last night was punctuated by a basket made 50 feet away with 2.6 seconds left in the 1st half ! Careful . Chris . Someone in Washington, D.C. may send you to Iraq . They need someone there to teach the Iraqi soldiers how to shoot the enemies !
Another Raptor who had a monster game was Senor Jose Calderon . He totally silenced Agent Zero . Jose put up 24 points and delivered 11 assists compared to Arenas points 27 only . His excellent floor game kept the Wizards' defense scrambling all night . ' The Raptors know how to find the open man ' said the Wizards play by play guy . Maybe Arenas will now recognize Jose as a worthy competitor . I recalled Arenas' response when asked about Jose's excellent performance in their 1st meeting this season . ' Who is Calderon ? ' . Calderon is the man , Gilbert . He is Silencio to your Hibachi , comprende !

Agwnt Zero : That Jose can sure can play .
He can be my sidekick .. Agent Sub Zero !


Blogger Nuts & Bolts said...

Agent Zero is zero win so far against the Raptors .

4:51 PM  
Blogger Foto Man said...

Calderon is terrific last night . Maybe he should be the main PG and TJ the back up .

5:57 PM  
Blogger The Jersey FLiP said...

agent zero = gilbert arenas
agent zero zero = eric montross
agent sub zero = ??????

8:14 PM  

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