Monday, February 5

5 Things I Hate About The NBA ....... For Now .

1. I hate seeing ballers who let their mouthguard dangling outside their mouths . The ultimate dangler is the Heat's Udonis Haslem . Udonis made it a habit to remove his mouthpiece outside where this is supposed to be in every stoppage in action .Observe Odonis when a foul is called on him and the TV camera zoom in . Udonis , ever heard of Corega ? Gllue that thing on will 'ya .

2. I hate those last sec fouls the coaches ask their players to commit despite the impossibility of overtuning the result of the game. I can understand it if the game is salvageable but a game where the lead is 10 points and there's only 10 seconds left ... Comm. Stern should impose penalty to these mathematically challenged coaches like sending them back to school to take up a course on Theory Of Probability !
3. I hate hearing Chuck Barkley ranting this time of the year again that the NBA All Star voting is a joke. ' That's the reason I don't like fans choosing the All Stars ' . The big chump still don't get it . The NBA All Star is for the fans . Its an event of the fans , by the fans , for the fans. And to think that this guy said he wants to run for Governor !
4. I hate it when the NBA suspends a player without sufficient notice . If I am a fan who bought a ticket for the Knick-Lakers game , I would ask for a refund . I bought it in the hope of seeing Kobe in action that once in the Big Apple only to find out he's not playing because he got the suspension notice a day before the match . It's like watching U2 without Bono . Tickets should be proBono or discounted !
5. I hate to hear another loudmouth , Mark Cuban , voicing his familiar anti Stern statement. I find his tirades versus the Commisioner tiring . It's OK if Cuban is making suggestions to improve the game ... but to make these public , you would suspect his real motives. Like Cuban's recent anti Chinese cummunist votes in the recently concluded All Star balloting . ' The whole of communist voted. They always vote the party line ' Cuban said . The hell , Cubans are communists too .


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