Wednesday, February 7

Raptors Magical Run Continue

Toronto extends its winnning streak to 4 games tonight by beating Orlando , 113 - 103 . The Raptors who shot 53 % from the field was led by Chris Bosh's career high 41 points and 8 rebounds. They have 6 players in double figures in points with Jose Calderon and TJ Ford both registering 10 points and 11 assists . Bosh had the crowd chanting MVP ! MVP ! Wow . Unbelievable ! That chanting , you'll only hear in LA ( for Kobe) , in Phoenix ( For Steve Nash) and Dallas ( Nowitzki ) . Even during the height of Vinsanity , the Air Canada crowd was not quite that bold . Maybe Canada will take notice now . Maybe there is really faith to the fans' plan hang the banner of the Raptors to the rafter !
One thing opponents of the Raps noticed is how they share the ball unselfishly . Like tonight , Toronto had 31 assists compared to 23 for Orlando . Their ball movement is smooth and magical (sorry , Magic fans) . Whoever is free , would get the ball surely. Sometimes it's Parker at either sides for a 3 pointer or Garbajosa on top of the key or Rasho for a short jumper. A day before the game , Mo Pete said it was the first time he's been in a team that solid . ' We're like a college team ' said the Michigan State alum . The Raps are now solidly on top of the Atlantic Division 3 games above .500. The Atlantic maybe known as the Titanic , but at least the Raps are above water !
Mo Pete : I can't see the Nets from where we are now !


Blogger Foto Man said...

What a win . The Raptors are really a confident bunch . You can tell by the way they move .

10:41 AM  
Blogger el greco said...

Nice photo of Mo Pete .

4:04 PM  

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