Friday, February 16

Hardaway Hates Gay People But Raptors Fans Hate Vince Cater (Still)

Tim Hardaway's I hate gay people comment dominated the news the last 2 days . Note that I did not say the sports news . It's because even pop culture and political commentators joined in the fun . Carlson Tucker of MSNBC said Hardaway must be the dumbest apologist in the world for repeating the offensive remarks in his apology . ' That is like someone saying , I am sorry I said that you're wife is ugly ' .
In Toronto , the Hardaway bruhaha created less stir than in the U.S. . That's because basketball fans were still savoring the sweet taste of victory of the Raptors over former Raptor Vince Carter and his team .
The hated Vince Carter . Half man , half Judas Iscariote . Fans in last Wednesday night's game booed and jeered VC everytime he has the ball . As expected , I hate VC signs were all around ACC . It seems that the passage of time has not healed the wound that his departure from the team caused. ' Vince thought that the Raptors would remain as the league's dormat after he left . Well , he's wrong ' wrote a fan in one of the many sports forums . Why are the fans in TO still so angry at VC ? ' You remember that incident when Vince threw the towel on Bosh's face ? ' asked Leo Rautins of Raptors TV team to Chuck Swirsky. ' Bosh was so angry at Vince for giving up the game . Vince said in that game that everything was lost. ' added the known VC critic . Mr. Rautins waited for this game when NJ has no chance of beating Toronto before narrating that story. The Nets were missing 3 of its starters . It's no wonder , the hate contnues up to now !
TO fans always show rough receptions to ballers who hightailed it out of city especially if they were star players like T Mac or they said something offensive about the team or city . Add those who have outspoken wives (Antonio Davis and Doug Christie ). A TO sportwriters call these ballers , carpetbaggers who take dollars out of Canada ! Funny really considering that there are a lot more US based Canadian hockey and baseball players who come back in Canada during off season . Some said it's the inferiority complex of the Canadians . Every departing star is seen as rejecting the Canadian way of life . Vince won't be the last man the Raptors fans will hate . Who knows , the next hated man in TO might be a gay superstar basketball player !


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