Thursday, February 8

Chris Bosh , MVP ?

The Air Canada Center was filled with fans chanting MVP , MVP , MVP as Chris Bosh was at the free throw line with some 8 minutes left in the game versus the Magic last night. Well , Bosh had an MVP performance - a career high 41 poinnts , 8 rebounds and 3 assists . It was the the 4th straight victory for the Raptors and the 26th of the season . In almost all of these games , Bosh led the team in scoring and rebounding . ' Chris Bosh is our franchise player and we're here to support him ' said big forward Jorge Garbajosa after the game. Indeed . Garbo's pass to the 4th year Raptor in the 2nd half that resulted in 2 points after the Spaniard got the ball from countryman Jose Calderon on a fastbreak was extra sweet . The play deserved numerous replays .
It was beautiful watching Bosh battled equally young center Dwight Howard toe to toe . Howard, who had a career game with 31 points was overshadowed by Bosh's production . It was sweet revenge for the first time All Star starter who was relegated to the bench in the Team USA team last summer in favor of Howard and other stars. Now maybe , the rest of the NBA will take notice . Only last week , NY Post's Peter Vecsey mentioned Bosh as among those who's inclusion in the Eastern Conference All Star lineup as questionable .
The low key Bosh admitted later that he has difficulty hiding his joy at the fans show of affection. He wants the crowd to continue the recognition . ' It made me feel good , it made me smile ' he said ' I hope they keep it up .' MVP ! MVP ! MVP !


Blogger The Jersey FLiP said...

the raptors officially is the team with the most white guys in the team, garbajosa, bargnani, calderon, slokar, humpries and nesterovic

12:31 PM  
Blogger Nuts & Bolts said...

No . Not this year . Maybe in 2 years time .

4:03 PM  

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