Wednesday, February 14

I Can See Clearly Now .

Toronto , after losing 15 straight games to Chicago , played almost flawless basketball in beating the Bulls , 112-111. Despite faltering in the last few minutes of the game , the Raptors team was like a matador last night never letting a bull gore it. Chris Bosh showing that he has snow , I mean , ice on his veins once again made 2 free throws with 2.1 seconds . The franchise player of the Raptors made 25 points and 14 rebounds . ESPN's baketball Analyst Tim Legler said ' The Raptors not only is the best team in the Atlantic Division but Chris Bosh is the best player in the Division ' . Andrea Bargnani was superb shooting 7 of 12 for 22 points . And what can one say about Senor Jose Calderon ? Jose is the maestro bullfighter as he outplayed Team USA's Kirk Heinrich with his 16 points and 9 assists. Now only half a game separates the Bulls from the Raptors . Not only that , Bulls fans should worry about a horrific possibility . ' Before the 15 game losing streak by the Raptors , The Bulls have a losing streak against the Raptors at about the same length ' said one Bulls' fan . ' I hope this will not be the start of the reversal of trend . It will be unless you get your own Spanish Bullfighter like Pau Gasol !
And what about those 3 stooges in the Bulls TV booth I wrote about as being arrogant last time . The guys who called the Raptors as a team that don't have the right to shoot 3's and who called Jorge Garbajosa ' as the one who does'nt look like a basketball player . The 3 men changed their tone , I'm sure. ' This is a different team . I watched the Raptors in the pre season and they were not this good ' said one of the 3 . Thats because you guys are so caught up with your underachieving team , you don't know whats happening around the NBA. The 3 stooges are now the 3 blind mice .

Three Blind Mice : I heard the Bulls are hiring basketball analysts .


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