Sunday, February 11

2 Games With Almost Identical Scores But Different Results .

The Raptors just completed 2 tough back to back games with contrasting results . Last Friday's won game against the Lakers , 96-92 ,was simply fantastic to the home fans . Chris Bosh , buoyed by the chants of MVP ! MVP ! from the Raptors fans , overshadowed Laker Kobe Bryant . ' Bosh is a legitimate MVP candidate because of what he has accomplished for his team '' said Kobe after the game where Bosh registered 29 points and 11 rebounds .
It was a quality win for the Raps which extended their game winning streak to 5 games mostly against sub . 500 teams until they won over the Lakers. ' Where would you put your team at this stage ' asked Tony K. of PTI before the game . Laker coach Phil Jackson answered ' I think we would be in the tier 2 below the Mavs , Suns and Spurs . So there , the Zen Master has spoken . One can say that the Raps having beaten the Lakers, belong to tier 2 of the NBA Western Conference which would be equivalent to tier 1 of the Easten Conference considering the superiority of the West over East .
The game versus the Pistons was played on the road where the Raps have a not as good a record as at home . The Pistons won , 98-92, but the Raps gave them a good fight . Even coach Sam Mitchell was not dissapointed which was unusual . ' They beat us fair . They've been playing well and they beat us in a close game ' . said Sam .This game showed the vulnerability of Chris Bosh . You can say that he was manhandled by big , bad ass Rasheed Wallace who scored 28 big points against his measly 14 points. Wallace fought Bosh for the position on the block , altered his shot along the perimeter , and intimated Bosh that he was not able to do his signature move . In this game , Bosh has found religion . Blessed are the meeks for they shall inherit the earth ... but not the NBA !


Blogger el greco said...

1-1 scorecard is not bad . the pistons are above the raptors' class but they should not be ashamed of their performance . the breaks determined the outcome of the game .

5:42 PM  
Blogger Nuts & Bolts said...

The Raptors are just 2.5 games ahead of the Nets . They should be distancing themselves if they want to have an auto playoff spot.

9:54 PM  

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