Thursday, February 15

Raptors Add To Nets Misery.

Another one bites the dust .... or snow . In a wintry night , the Raptors continued their hot game this time whipping the undermanned Nets , 120-109. Chris Bosh came to play opening the game with 12 1st quarter points en route to 25 points . It's a far cry from his single digit production the last time the 2 teams met . Mo Pete added 18 points and 5 others have double digit scoring as Toronto registered it's 8 straight home wins.with 59% shooting. It was extra sweet forthe Raptors fans who want nothing but beat Vince Carter and his team . The boos and jeers continue even after 3 years of Carter's departure from TO. ' They still boo Vince ? ' my wife asked .' Do the Raptors fans still boo T Mac up to now '. Nope . T Mac is a thing of the past but Vince's case has not been forgotten . Vince is still not re accepted by the fans . It's already part of Raptors fans' DNAs . Do Not Accept !
The Nets kept pace in the the 1st half with Bostjan Nachbar's 3 point shots and Eddie House' snipings. And while VC has a double double , New Jersey was completely outclassed by Toronto . ' Our defense was porous . We shoot 50% from 2 and 3 and score 109 points and we still lose ' said coach Lawrence Frank . Hopelessness is written all over the face of Nets' GM Rod Thorn who was in ACC last night. To add to the injury problem , Vince is leaving soon .The Nets need a doctor quick . No , not the type for the injured Nets Naned Kristic , Richard Jefferson and Jason Kidd . Thorn needs another type of doctor . Like former member of the Nets , Doctor J !

House M.D. : You sure the Nets don't need me ? I'm a Briton but I'm not gay !


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Sweet revenge .

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