Monday, February 19

Bouncing Balls. All Star Edition 3.0

1. The World According To Eddie. The whole world was wrapped up in the All Star happenings in Las Vegas. Even the political world . Yesterday , I wrote about the Wolf CNN's Wolf Blitzer mentioning it during the preparation of the incoming Democratic caucus to be held in Nevada. Then Fox News Sunday featured the coach of East All Star , Eddie Jordan , as the show's Power Player . Jordan was credited for turning around the Washington Wizards to the perennial playoff participants . Asked about his coaching philosophy by host Chris Wallace , Jordan answered ' There is a straight line with one line to the left of the straight line and and one line to the right . A player can sometimes go crooked but as long as he stays within the boundaries , he's all right ' . Hear that Gilbert .
2. NBA All Star Is The Best . I watched the All Stars of other major sports and I can conclude that the NBA All Star is the best. Even the stars were out for the NBA's annual treat for the fans . Here's a sampling of how others rate the NBA All Stars vs. that of hockey and baseball .

Baseball . It's All Star game is better than basketball's but overall - slam dunk , skills challenge etc. - basketball is the best - ESPN's Mike And Mike Show.

Hockey - I watched the 1st few minutes of the All Star game , then I turned it off . It's boring - a Sportsnets commentator

David Stern is really No.1 in sports marketing . ' Hockey and baseball should hire him and pay David $ 100 million dollars ' said Mike of ESPN sportstalk show .

3. Dick Vitale Statistics . Among those announced as one of the nominees to be included in basketball's Hall Of Fame during the All Star festivities was college basketball premier announcer Dick Vitale . The talkative announcer can be obnoxious or endearing depending on one's perpective . Vitale said of the Charles Barkley and Dick Bavetta foot race ' Barkley took on the wrong guy . He should have run against Dick Vitale '. Uh oh . Looks like Chuck has opened the floodgate of competition . Vitale kinda' remind one of Raptors TV's Chuck Swirsky . You either love chuck or hate him . Absolutely no in between . But at least Vitale coached the NBA game unlike some of Raptors TV 's talking heads who talk like they know basketball when they have not even played an intramural basketball game . Here are photos of Dick and Dickhead ( I told you , you either like Chuck or hate him ). The 2 even look alike, baby !


Blogger Lee Ann said...

Which one is Dick and which one is Dickhead?

I hope you have a great day Coach!

11:33 AM  
Blogger john said...

Wow . The 2 do look alike and sound alike .

4:27 PM  

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