Saturday, February 24

Bouncing Balls 16.0

1. Celtics Vs. Lakers. I long for the return of the Boston Celtics not only to respectability but to where they belong - the top of the NBA . Last night , the Beantown ballers were beaten badly by the Lakers , 96-122 . The misery lingers on for Celtics fans. The Lakers are up there really . Maybe they need some tinkering but as soon as the big men of LA - Bynum and Kwame - reach their potential , they're 1st class. But in the case of the Celts , the leprachaun must use all his powers come drafting time . It's Oden or it's over . No odd or even , just Oden !

2. Clydespeak 2 . Here are 2 more of Walt 'Clyde' Frazier colorful ways of describing actions in a Knicks game . These were heard in last night's New York-Milwaukee game which the Knicks won by a hair , 95-93 . Make sure to read these in a sing song manner , Clyde style .

Let's take a look at Curry's amazing grace .

Stephon dancing and prancing ...

3. Dennis Johnson, RIP. There was a minute of silence observed for former Celtics great Dennis Johnson before the Knicks-Bucks game last night. The TV camera showed NY coach , Isiah Thomas , in a very somber mood and with his eyes closed . I don't know if Isiah shed a tear or 2 because the camera shifted somewhere else. I know that the Florida judge in the Anna Nicole's case shed a lot of tears when he read his ruling to the surprise of many viewers icluding yours truly. Move over , Judge Judy !
4. Hockey Fights And Cracks . Canadian TV and radio sports commentators are still talking about the fight in Thursday's game between Ottawa and Buffalo . They eagerly await tonight's game pitting these 2 protoganists which will definitely overshadow the Raptors' game against the Bobcats scheduled at about the same time. Too bad for the surging Raps . If it is not the Toronto Maple Leafs , it's other hockey teams or game that the sports folks talk and write about here. I don't know what more Bosh and Co. have to do to attract the attention of sports lovers in Canada . Hmmm. I know . What about wearing basketball uniforms showing their cracks ?


Blogger The Bonafied Boy said...

the nets have a 5.6% chance of sneaking the no.1 pick from boston,

btw, has it ever happened before? the no.1, 2 draft picks went to teams within the same division

5:14 PM  

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