Tuesday, February 27

Raptors Run Out Of Gas Vs. The Spurs

Last night , the offense was not fluid for Toronto as they succumbed to San Antonio , 91-107 .It was a basketball clinic was how the Raps TV guys described it. And the Spurs conducted it . Manu and Tony Parker were simply unstoppable while Tim Duncan (24 pts., 16 reb) was his old self. Clarification : Duncan was his usual self before plantaar fasciilitis bugged him the past 2 seasons. The veteran Spur moved smoothly and effectively against the Raptors' big men including Chris Bosh who had a sub standard game with 14 pts. and 9 rebounds . Asked if Duncan is still among the best big men in the league , Bosh answered ' Oh definitely , he's still one of the best in the NBA ' . I guess Duncan's plantar fasciilitis was better than Bosh's plantar fascisliitis ... at least in last night's game !
The Raptors were simply outplayed on all fronts - rebounds , assists , turnover . As early as the 2nd quarter , the Raps lost control of the game . Anthony Parker's ankle injury early in the game , did not help the Raps' cause.' We're not doing what we used to do . Moving the ball and assisting. said Ass't coach , Ford during a halftime interview . ' We hope to do better in the 2nd half ' he added . But the lead was too big and the Spurs playing so well , I sensed that the game was lost . That's why Ford did not say that the Raptors will overcome the lead and beat the Spurs. I guess it's a foregone conclusion even to never say die head coach of the Raptors ' You expect this kind of game twice a season . The first happened early in the season (vs. Miami) and now this . The Spurs totally dominated us '' said coach Sam Mitchell after the game . In other words , the Raptors were owned by the Spurs . But not like Al Sharpton's great great grandfather was owned by the late Sen. Thurmond's great , great grandfather ....but more like the Toronto's consumers are owned by conniving gas companies !

Coach Sam :
Can we put signs like gas stations in Toronto are doing now . Something like ' Sorry , We are out of the game '


Blogger john said...

Bad game for the Raps but good game for the Knicks as we beat the Heat !

1:20 PM  
Blogger Ty said...

The Raptors are not yet in the class of the Spurs . Soon they will be .

6:40 PM  
Blogger The Bonafied Boy said...

ahh, coach, t-dot better look behind them cos the nets are coming riding on Jason Collins back -.-

12:17 PM  

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