Monday, February 26

Watching Raptors TV Is Stressful .

Just like many Raptors fans , I stop watching the Raptors pre/post game shows . Or if I watch the shows , I watch the portion when they do players' interviews . At least that part of the show , I can enjoy . Why ? You get it straight from the players not from someone plucked from streets of TO or a baller/coach doing on-the-job training in masscom . Other team's pre/post shows use the standard formula of a regular sports announcer paired with an NBA vet. The ex NBAer is normally a former member of the team . That's how the Cavaliers TV post show does it with ex Cavs great Cazzie Russel for example.
Raptors TV , I think , insists on using Canadian talents . This is OK but considering that all ex Raptors are Americans , this is a problem. Raptors TV apes the Leafs TV's way of doing things . The regulars of the show , at least 3 panelists , stand while they talk. Visually this looks great especially with the fancy set . But the quality of panelists doing the talking leaves much to be desired as I've said . Unlike their hockey cousins , the Raptors have shortage of ex players to use. The few Canadians who played in the NBA are doing radio /TV work for other teams like Todd Maculloch with the Sixers and Bill Wennington with the Bulls . Raptors TV is left with an ex Canadian team player , Sherman , an ex college player or the current coach of the Canadian youth team and Norma Wick doing ala Hubie Brown . Norma Wick used to do sideline reporting for the Raptors . It's like asking Michelle Tofoya to do ABC's NBA game analysis !
Listening and watching Raptors TV panelists is like listening to an Elvis impersonator . He looks a bit Elvis , sounds a bit like Elvis but it's not Elvis . Not even Tom Jones . They don't have NBA credentials ! Lately , the Raptors TV folks even copy the way TNT's Barkley/Ernie/Kenny do their their thing . Their jokes and exchanges pale in comparison with that of the regulars of the Emmy award winning show . One fan wrote that watching Raptors TV is like dying a slow death . At least , the Raps are winning . Just follow John Travolta's way . He said in the Oscar pre ceremony last night ' I'm too blessed to be stress ' .


Blogger Nuts & Bolts said...

Bummer . The Nets TV Team is first class with Jackson , Sparnakel and Merv Albert .

2:59 PM  
Blogger john said...

You know what we have . Cylde is really cool . He's not changed from his playing days.

8:52 PM  
Blogger Jeff said...

Big Bill W is doing a great job on Radio in Chicago. I shall continue to rub things in.

11:49 AM  

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