Wednesday, February 28

Talk About Over The Top

Yesterday was trading deadline day for the National Hockey League (NHL) . As expected , sports networks coverages went all out for the much anticipated day for hockey loving Canadians . All 3 sports channels devoted 6 to 8 hours of uninterrupted TV time to nothing but hockey players transactions !. That's from 12 noon to 6 PM for one and from 12 noon to 8 PM for the other 2 channels ! Poor hoops fans . They can't even get 1 channel to cover the past NBA trade news except via cable channel , Raptors /NBA TV.
TSN's Sportscenter , which is partly owned by ESPN , called it's coverage of NHL trade deadline, Tradecenter 07. The show has at least 9 panelists sitting in 3 separate tables . It's good there were nearly 30 trades consumated before the deadline . Even then , the hockey talking heads have a hard time filling the time . In fact , Sportsnet filled it's coverage time by incorporating some art work b.s. in it's show called Trade Deadline Bash .
The 3rd sports channel in Canada , The Score , had some pizza boxes in front of the 3 hosts of the NHL trading deadline show to make it appear they stayed in their posts all throughout the show . They did . I can't find anything similar to how lunatic the whole thing was . Not the choosing of teams that made it to the NCAA tournament or the NFL draft day coverages .
The following day , I watched TSN's Sportscenter . The Sportscaster proudly announced towards the end of the show ' Now , this is the only sports news not about hockey . This is about the Suns' with Steve Nash ' . Grrrr.


Blogger Nuts & Bolts said...

Whoa ! They can't get enough hockey .

10:20 PM  
Blogger The Bonafied Boy said...

it's still better than malaysia. coach!!

8:56 PM  

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