Thursday, March 1

Raptors Blast Rockets

It's Toronto's turn to conduct a basketball clinic last night as they whipped Houston , 106 - 90. It was a shooting exhibition the Raptors showed the Rockets' crowd especially in the 1st half when Andrea Bargnani And Co. registered 69% FG eventually ending the game shooting 59% ! It's the 2nd game in a row that Il Mago led his team in scoring. The Italian rookie did not miss a basket until the 3rd quarter. The Rockets tried to rally in the 3rd quarter cutting down the lead to as low as 6 points from a 20 points halftime deficit, but the Raptors were simply too much .Texas native , TJ Ford ran circles around fellow spitfire and former Raptor Rafer Alston . Ford played in such a dizzying pace that Alston has to go the bench in favor of youngter John Lucas . It's ironic that at the Toyota Center , the fastest one is a Ford !
It was a surprise to see the Rockets lose a game in such a high scoring fashion. Coach Van Gundy is known as a defense oriented coach. Normally , the Rockets' game scores are in the 80's like their last game before meeting the Raps. Van Gundy wears this as a badge of honor . You can say that coach Sam Mitchell exposed the Van Gundy's sytem as a hoax. That Sam's high octane offense exposed the Rockets as pseudo defensive force. ' They exposed our defense .They were shooting all over us . They shot unbelievable ' said Rockets forward Bonzi Wells . Yup , Van Gundy has been exposed . Like that American Idol contestant who's picture was exposed all over the internet !

: I knew showing that gaddam video to Sam will eventually hurt me. No , not my basketball instructional video , but one with me cavorting with Anna Nicole !


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I watched her last night in American Idol. She's hot .

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