Friday, March 2

Darrick Martin To Raptors TV Team

Veteran Darrick Martin is in and out of Raptors uniform these days. Obviously , Martin's availabilty defends on the team's needs. I expect him to be in uniform until Anthony Parker is back in action from an ankle injury he suffered in the game versus San Antonio. Martin, 37 was brought in as the Raptors' 3rd PG over younger guys. Fans were clamoring for local boy and former Huskie , Denham Brown but Sam Mitchell insisted on having his boy toy ' to provide veteran leadership in and out of the locker room ( translation : Darrick , put out fires from spreading outside the locker room ) .
I can understand why Sam would want some help in and out of the locker room. After all , he was coming from a tumultuous season the previous year with Rafer Alston and even Loren Woods . I bet my ass these 2 were among those who voted Sam as the worst coach in the NBA in a poll conducted by CNN SI last year. But with peace reigning in the Raptors' locker room coupled with the acquisition of guard Juan Dixon from the Blazers , Martin has no more role to play . Martin has no chance to be an Assistant coach to Sam now . Like who is he going to replace ? Alex English ? Nope . He's not going anywhere unless he is hired by as a head coach by another team. Ford ? No way . He is Sam's main assistant . Canadian Jay Triano ? Forget it . The guy is practically on a lifetime employment contract . Head coaches have come and go but Triano remained with the Raps .
Martin should start auditioning for a Raptors TV job . And Raptors TV should ask Martin to join it's broadcasting crew. The man can talk based on the few times he did interviews on the air . Martin has a pleasant personality and a boyish look . He is certainly far more appealing to the eyes than Sherman who posseses , unfortunately , a face made for radio . When Sherman and Jones are doing their X's And O's Show , it's like watching Godzilla and Kingkong teaching viewers how to play basketball ! Darrick, it's the right career move for you believe me . Not too long ago , we saw Michael Curry doing the same things you are doing now for then Raptors coach , Kevin O'Neill. When the Raptors fired KO , out went Curry with him . And while you're at it , do what Chuck Swirsky did . Apply for Canadian citizenship . Of course , it does'nt guarantee you a lifetime contract . Only good work will keep you in the job . Ask Canadian convert and ex Raptors GM Glen Grunwald !


Blogger arsenalist said...

Great post.

I remember Michael Curry and how he sucked away that season but still got playing time cuz of KO.

I think Chuck Swirsky (although a very mediocre talent) has pretty much got a lifetime contract with the Raptors because of his salesman attitude.

2:44 PM  
Blogger Foto Man said...

Good idea . Start the ball rolling , DM.

6:07 PM  
Blogger john said...

Mike Curry is now associated with the NBA . I read a article about him in Businesweek .

6:35 PM  

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